There is a VE Team affiliated with the DETARC Club in Lufkin, TX. The VE Team members are all Accredited with the ARRL VEC organization.


Testing by the Lufkin/DETARC Team will be on the 3rd Saturday of each month promptly at 10:00 AM . NOTE: For the months of November and December, 2021, testing will be by appointment only by filling out the registration form below.

The location is the Keltys Baptist Church at 2402 North John Redditt Drive, Lufkin, TX. The church is on the East side of the road near the corner of North John Redditt and North Raguet St. Testing will be held in the Fellowship hall. Testing candidates should park in the back lot near the breezeway.

License Classes Tested: The team will give all license class tests: Technician-General- Amateur Extra. Pre-registration is strongly suggested, but walk-ins will be accepted.

Session Registration: Register using the “Pre-registration Form at

with your Name, Federal Registration Number (FRN), any callsign, email address, cell phone number, the tests you wish to take, source of any previous exam credit, any special testing requirements, and the test session you wish to attend. See the Pre-registration form for complete details.

If you have previously successfully tested, bring the original and a copy of your license and any CSCEs with you. Copies will need to go forward with the package to ARRL/FCC. Originals will be returned to you.

The VE Team members are: Tom KN6PJ Team Leader, Mike AA5HH, Mike W5NXK, Kris K5KRK, Jerry K5JLW, Lon AE5BN, Terry W5PCJ, and Roger K0YY.

Additional information on testing will be posted here and on the ARRL VE website as needed–

Candidates for testing must follow certain rules and complete certain preparations.

See the ARRL website for details–

All prospective candidates for testing will need to complete the following steps
prior to test day:

1.) Exam Candidates are REQUIRED to register in the FCC CORES system and receive a Federal Registration Number (FRN) before exam day. Candidates may go to the FCC CORES User Account and Registration page:

Need a CORES User ID, go here–

An instructional video provides step-by-step instructions on how to establish a CORES account, which is necessary for licensees to make administrative updates and download electronic license authorizations.

The instructional video can be found at, .

2.) Day of the exam:

the candidates will need to provide the Testing Fee of $15.00 dollars , no checks / credit cards / debit cards accepted. If you do not have exact change, i.e. you bring a $20.00 dollar bill or 2 $10.00’s then you should not expect to be compensated for the $5.00 dollar overage.  We will attempt to compensate you as others register with the exact change but you will have to wait to be compensated until we have the change.

In the future, there may also be an FCC mandated License Application Fee of $35. This fee is anticipated to start being charged in approximately the summer of 2021.

3.) Candidates will need a valid form of legal ID , i.e. A drivers license with picture.  If the candidate does not possess a driver’s license then a valid passport can be used.  Should the candidate possess neither a driver’s license or a passport then two of the following can be accepted.
A.) Social Security Card
B.)  Birth Certificate with a raised seal
C.) Minors Work Permit or School Id Card or a report card or a library card
D.) Utility Bills, bank statements or business correspondence with a envelope addressed to the person as it appears on the form 605

4. For prior element credit, bring the original license or CSCE form for the Team to review and a copy of any previous or current license or CSCE. The copies will need to go forward to the ARRL/FCC.

Again to register with the LUFKIN/DETARC VE Team, fill out the Pre-registration form completely at–

For further information on testing for your Ham license contact– Roger K0YY, VE Team Point of Contact at k0yy at arrl dot net. In the address, please note the number zero before the “YY”. It is not a capital O.